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Shreek شريك

Shreek is an innovative Lebanese institution that works to enhance its members’ socio-economic conditions, by providing sustainable alternatives for saving and credit and money management.

Unlike banks, Shreek has a unique approach.  We are a civil company owned and operated by it partners. We are founded on democratic and cooperative principles. Partners have rights to vote and to participate in the governance of the organization. 


Partners not clients

By joining Shreek, you will integrate an institution founded on the principles of democracy and cooperation, a civil company run by its partners. Unlike banks, Shreek’s unique approach allows members to actively participate in the decisions of the organization via voting.


How to join Shreek

Shreek uses a membership system, and each member is known as a partner. To join, you must be a Lebanese / long-term resident of Lebanon of over 18 years old, have a recommendation by at least one of the existing partners, and a commitment to Shreek’s core values.


Secure participation

Once you join Shreek you will be able to save your money securely; obtain adequate returns on your participations; and benefit from advanced financial security and data protection procedures.


Financial support for productive activities

Shreek partners are also eligible to apply for financial support for their productive activities, with favorable conditions and customized business development advice.

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