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Dammeh For Humanity

Dammeh for Humanity is a Michigan based nonprofit organization with an international focus that works to support vulnerable populations overseas. We seek to help and inspire communities through education, partnerships, and humanitarian projects.


Dammeh for Humanity works with local nonprofit organizations overseas that are first responders in cases of emergency to provide relief to victims of disasters in order to diminish the impact on those who are most vulnerable. Working with local community members overseas, we offer relief to people living in marginalized and econmically disadvataged regions by conducting community-needs assesments, supplying food in emergency situations, and repairing destroyed houses. 


Being a youth-led organization established in the United States of America, our team is deeply aware of the many privileges and opportunities that are readily available to us. These advantages enable us to lead a decent life, and reach our utmost potential. In our interconnected world today, it is our duty, as young conscientious global citizens, to help those who have not been granted the same privileged-circumstances we had, and will continue to have. We are firm believers that empowered youth pave the way for empowered and sustainable communities. 


We at Dammeh For Humanity believe in the power of connection and cultural exchange, which is why we are devicing several programs to connect youth to share experiences, culture, and to impart on them knowledge and life-skills. 

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