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4all Causes

An organized initiative of young graduates & professionals in Lebanon geared towards public health awareness and community engagement.

4 all causes was founded by a group of friends from diverse professional backgrounds who decided to embark on this initiative to provide better health advice to Lebanon’s marginalised communities. The initiative aims to highlight the work of non-political, non-religious NGOs, already established and operating in different areas throughout Lebanon, working for different scopes and covering different age groups.

The overarching aim of this initiative is to advocate for better healthcare through utilising the energies of pro-active youths who aspire to become positive agents of change in Lebanon. 4 All Causes is concerned with the impact of better health on development and poverty reduction, and conversely, with the impact of development policies on the achievement of health goals. It aims to build support across different NGOs for higher levels of investment in health.

Every cycle of 10 months, four NGOs will be selected. The selected NGO’s will be provided with advice and assistance, in the form of free-of-charge physical examinations and nutrition/oral health advice in an effort to raise healthcare and hygiene awareness among the NGOs’ target groups. Funds and in-kind donations will also be provided to assist the selected NGOs in achieving their missions and social goals. We are advocates for better health - because better health is a part of a better tomorrow. Better health is the root to well-being, creating a ripple effect physically and mentally. It also makes an important contribution to our country’s economic progress, as a healthy population lives longer, is more productive and saves more.

Our aims:

• Public Health Awareness – by empowering those supported by the chosen NGOs through teaching them self-care and hygiene. Providing them with activities, interactive lectures, physical examinations by physicians, nutritious and oral hygiene advice.

• Community Engagement – by encouraging NGO and peer collaboration, encouraging teamwork, teaching others that any act of kindness can go a long way.

• Increasing Visibility – informing the general public about established, transparent, non-political, non-religious NGOs.

How you can help:

This Facebook page is dedicated to providing you with information about the NGOs, supplies you can donate and ways you can help. We believe that combining each of our backgrounds with each of yours will ensure the success of this initiative.

If you are interested in volunteering your time and joining our team do not hesitate to contact us! If you want to help, #volunteer or provide services for those in need (as an individual or medical center or organization) pin yourself on the map: https://lebanon.make.place/4-all-causesvolunteers/#/ If you are an #NGO that needs support for its communities, pin yourself on the map: https://lebanon.make.place/ngos-needs-map/#/

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